Wondrous Wednesdays: Goal of Poetry

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Simple Northern Life

railroad crossing

By A. Zych

In life there comes a time; an urge to throw caution to the wind.
A time of change, a bit of new.
Embrace the unknown, hold on tightly.
As you choose to go forwards or backwards.

An awakening of butterflies as your destination comes upon you.
An abrupt halt and it is a decisive moment.
Encompass by truth, dawning of a new day.
The sun rises at the crossing.

Recently I came across another wonderful blogger, Spice of Life who is very ambitious when it comes to setting goals. Therefore, with her little nudge I decided to challenge myself by writing a poem. Poems are scary for me mainly I find them a difficult challenge to break down my thoughts into several verses. Therefore, the goal is that I need to write one poem a month.

Do you have any challenging goals and if so what…

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Simple Life: Home Sweet Home

Simple Life

Simple Life

This past year went fast, although we had many obstacles to overcome such as Rebecca’s health issues and her environment being a factor we were able to remedy the situation. In fact Rebecca seems to be doing much better and is more settled. I must confess my family has the itch to own a new home in the future.

If you recall more my plan than my husband Mitch’s was to own a home little to no mortgage has proven to be an unrealistic quest. I must admit that I am a bit of a dreamer, however I am smart enough to know that we have to alter our thinking to fit a realistic one. In a perfect world of mine, my family would have no debt and only have to pay a minimal utility bill with other expenses that can occur such as Becca’s needs as a teenager. It has always been my focus to live a meaningful life and not be a slave to the banks and to live a simpler life.

A change of heart, within the last several weeks several factors have influence our discovery that buying a home with cash will never happen for us! For many reasons, cost of living putting a damper on our savings, the housing market is recovering and for most American’s the taking a mortgage is a must to buy a home that is fairly decent. For instance, a home in our area of interest made a price adjustment to increase over $20,000 of our budget. Talk about sticker shock!

A few days ago, we recently consulted with a mortgage advisor and received information to buy our next home. Stunning to know, that more than half of his clients are in similar situations like ours, you know, either buying above their means or victim of the housing bubble that resulted in a bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. Ironically, we discovered that we are not that far out from owning a home. In fact we may qualify for the “Back to Work” program which waives the wait time after a foreclosure from 3 years to 1 year. However, because we did not seek credit building tools like a credit card and a line of credit we were unable to build new credit. The consequence of our fear of debt will put us behind about 3 to 6 months of receiving an approval for a new mortgage.

However, more time is a blessing because we will have more time to save and get our financial house in order before we make the big move. We can take our time, buy within our means perhaps we may need to go more rural and it will be close to my job at the school. We may be looking in town or a home with some acreage outside of town just as long as it is a healthy environment for our Rebecca. Finally, for my family we are still on the journey to live a simpler life, what is simple for one may not be simple for another. It all depends on one’s perspective and the path we choose to get there. So life throws us many curve balls, what is important is how we play those curve balls hopefully for us we will hit it out of the park when it comes to owning a home in the future.

Happy Blogging!

Just wanted to inform my readers that if you should find yourselves in a similar situation that you should consult a professional on how to get back on track. So that you may not find yourself in a similar situation like ours. Good Luck!

Helpful Resources:

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Lender 411: Letter of Explanation. At http://www.lender411.com/letter-of-explanation-sample-lender411-com/

Simple Faith: Legacy of an Elder

“The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave.”
Tavis Smiley


Legacy of an elder is an amazing gift, I made this discovery while attending my husband’s great aunt Helen’s funeral. Inspired by her family’s tribute as a testament of the legacy she left behind. Legacy to me are to be defined by traditions, faith and life lessons left behind from a beloved elder. The inspirational experiences that our loved ones endured and to lead the way for future generations to live life with courage, compassion and commitment.

Legacy to some are what material things are left behind of monetary value but it is the life lessons and the growing wisdom shared by our most beloved elder. What may seem ordinary are the extraordinary, such are the valuable lessons when it comes to the legacy. Keeping the heritage a live by honoring traditions such as preparing family traditional dish. In the case of great aunt Helen it was a Polish recipe, Galumpkis (cabbage rolls). Or could it be the sharing of family memories at reunions and weddings she spoke of these times with great pride and respect of those she loved of the past.

An unwavering faith in God and her belief in the Catholic Church molded her into a compassionate person. Defining characteristic of extraordinary character a strong will to never give up when life present challenges. . The proof of great aunt Helen’s strength shone brightly through her work ethic because a job no matter how mundane it seemed solidified her commitment to her family. To be a role model for her love ones. A great example by conquering many trials and tribulations to prove to the younger generation a choice to never give up.

An elder’s legacy is to be cherished, to serve as a reminder that no matter what life offers you but what remains clear is how we embrace it with grace and to leave a lasting impression for generations to come. My gratitude to those who have come before me, a choice to be made and to embrace the wisdom that comes with life experiences. To honor those before me I will make an attempt to leave a legacy for my decedents, one that honors their heritage to pass on for future the generations to come.


Special Thanks to family members for urging me to get back into the art I love so much. For being so gracious in allowing me to write about family and what matters the most in this thing we call life. My gratitude to my husband, Mitch and daughter Rebecca and beloved family member, Jim. Your support means a lot to me!

Simple Faith: Importance of Fathers

The Majestic

The Majestic

Overwhelmed by our pastor’s message today as he spoke to the congregation about the “Importance of Fathers” and their influence on their children’s life for their future well-being. He spoke so powerfully about the role of the father as a headship starting with spiritual connect to our Lord. Until today I did not realized how much weight our men carry upon their shoulders as they truly are responsible for their family’s well-being. I now have a new found respect for my husband, Mitch and his continued role in our daughter, Rebecca’s life. The message rang so clear in my mind, our pastor decided to play the video, Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle about the loving relationship between a father and daughter, celebrating milestones with his daughter. It was a bittersweet moment for me, as I listen to the heartfelt lyrics a true testament for a fathers love as I never had a chance to experience with my own father, who died when I was four years old. The remarkable feeling of pride for me instead of sadness was that my daughter would have this relationship with her father meant the world to me! As tears gently swept my face, I felt so blessed to have the most wonderful man in my life sitting to the left of me, as he held his daughter’s hand between us as we truly embraced the message of the “Importance of Fathers.”

Happy Father’s Day to my husband Mitch. I love you.

Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal Jar

Journal Jar

Journal Jar

Describe a typical day in middle school/junior high?

My typical day when I was in middle school could be summed up into one word, intimidating! A typical Catholic girl starting her first day in public school and being subject to a world of the unknown. Imagine an awkward teen, who had no sense of fashion according to her peers being mocked by others as a ‘goody too shoes ‘, you know what a stereo type is of someone who attends a private school. I suppose some of my peers thought that my family were well in doubt in contrast we were not! We just happened to have a grandmother with great conviction of wanting her grand-children to have an education with the faith she believed in.

I remember that it was a typical Florida hot and humid day, starting with the bright infamous sunshine of morning glory. It felt like all eyes were on us, my sister and I. Butterflies arose from my stomach and felt like it took us forever to get there. My sister, Missy and I got off the bus, she went her way and I went the other way. I immediately felt separation anxiety from my little sister who was always close at our previous school, realization that we were in a much bigger school frightened me!

The morning, went on and on, with the not knowing what class came next, the diversity of people overwhelmed me, the conduct that some revealed was shocking. The lack of respect some had towards their teachers and peers. I was ‘shell shocked’! Thinking back on that moment, in Catholic school, the stereotype of the strictness rings true, even today I remember the time when someone vandalized the lavatory by writing profanity on the stalls. Our principal a strict nun from Ireland, cancelled our school dance. Punishing all students of the school. Ironically, my first day of public school I found myself craving for the structure I once loathed!

As the day went on, I met several girls willing to give me the time of day, one girl I remembered from our first Catholic school we attended together. Thank God I had a connection to someone who could understood how I felt. However, my first day of math class did not favor well, Mr. B, somehow called me Armadillo, ironically he could not pronounce my given name, Almarinda. Go figure! The highlight of that first day, the ride home on the bus with my little sister was so welcoming until I realized we had to go back the next day!

As I reflect on that day, so many years ago, I realized how important that day was, it prepared me for the unknown in every aspect of my life. Today, I am able to attend functions that I need to slip out of my comfort zone and make a mark of my own. To me this is a great life skill to have, to embrace the uniqueness of this world. It is this that makes me into a better person that I am today.

Do you have a memory of your first junior high or middle school day you would like to share? I would love to hear them.

Happy Blogging,

Exploring Spirituality: Hands that Heal

The Majestic

The Majestic

As always I love to explore spirituality, especially this time of year as we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the past several weeks I have been exploring the Holy Bible, which has shed some light on my perspective. If you recall my previous post, Renewing Faith in God my faith has been challenged in the past but always wins out. I am a seeker of truth and believe the truth is found in Jesus’s teachings of God’s plan for us. My spiritual journey, what has remained constant to me is the ability to help ourselves and others by believing in the power of prayer and healing. This power is universal for all, religions or sects, cultures and races.

My passion for the written word has led me on a quest for knowledge, while shopping at our local discount book store I was able to obtain , “Hands that Heal” written by Echo Bodine. In her book she describes her gift to heal from God through the Holy Spirit as a result we all have this ability if we are true believers. Another post I highlighted Echo Bodine’s, book called “The Gift…”Exploring Spirituality, she describes her spiritual journey as a healer and psychic is an ongoing process as it would be for us. In my most recent reading of “Hands that Heal” the topic of healing, we need to have faith in healing from God and know that healing does not mean just our bodies but our minds and souls. Throughout her journey she always refers back to God being the only healer and it is through her intuition,a gift of the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus Christ she has the ability to channel healing energy. Examples of techniques or rituals she looks to are prayer for clearing herself and her clients so that God allows her the source of healing. Another unique tool she uses are white hankies as a conductor for healing energy. This may seem a little strange but I believe that she means well. Throughout her book she admits her failures and triumphs while healing her clients. Additionally, sharing cases that are close to heart because it offers a unique set of circumstances.

I must concede that as my path towards God and Jesus Christ I am coming to a conclusion that only our creator, God can heal. Therefore, my beliefs of the past are currently being challenged in the present, I am seeking the true faith. As a result, I believe that I will continue to explore and integrate what I believe to be the path for my spiritual journey as a Christian. In “Hands that Heal” I love the idea of praying for healing and I do know that it works, my daughter is living proof of a miracle. Therefore, the premise of Bodine’s book I plan for our spa night seeking through prayer seeking God’s healing while using His earthly gift of essential oils. However, I have a difficult time with the prospect of channeling energy, I believe that the only source is God.

Is this book for everyone? Probably not, but for those of you that can read between the lines while using your unique perspective can gain some useful information that Echo Bodine shares in her book, “Hands that Heal”. It was truly enjoyable to read and found a common interest, such as prayer to be the most amazing aspect of healing.

“And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9 ESV

God Bless.

Bodine, Echo. Hands that Heal. ACS Publications. San Diego, CA 1996

Happy Easter


On this day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection but as important as this day may be how do we honor our God, Jesus Christ all throughout the year? Perhaps we are only human, we get caught up in our lives that we simply forget about the true meaning of life. An Easter promise I want to share with all of you.

My promise to God, I will use my gift of intuition, received by the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised to us in the book of John 14:16-17, the Spirit of Truth. I plan on using this in all aspects of life as I am led down a path of spiritual fulfillment.

So as I remember Jesus Christ on this day, I should remember his teachings and his promise of the Holy Spirit as a gift from God that guides me in life. The path of service, stewardship and compassion for those I love and those who need my love. My promise, I pledge to God, is to honor the gift of the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ promised and to follow whole heartily, the plan that God has laid out before me.

If you could make a promise to God, to honor Jesus Christ what would it be? Or on a universal level maybe for you it is a human thing to do, what would you do to honor you fellow mankind?

Have a blessed day!