Legacies & Heirlooms

When most people think of legacy they think of wonderful gifts or heirlooms passed down from generation to generation, keeping family traditions alive.

Traditions are to be treasured, like my great grandmother’s collection of jewelry from the roaring twenties and my grandfather’s collection of classic books written by literary icons like Shakespeare and Mark Twain. These classics inspired my love for the written word. (Almarinda)

My great grandmother left behind beautiful, handmade quilts as her legacy. She passed her gift onto my grandmother and my grandmother is now passing it onto my mother (You know her as Almarinda). Whenever I snuggle up with one of great grandma’s quilts I think of her and all the good times we had before she passed. (Becca)


Even though heirlooms are just objects, they tell the inspiring stories of our loved one’s past trials and tribulations that made them stronger and wiser.

What is one of your most treasured family heirlooms?

Happy blogging,

– Almarinda & Rebecca


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