Simple Faith: Quote of the Week

“Every one of us needs show how much we care for each other, and in the process, care for ourselves.”

Princess Diana

In the tremulous word we live in I believe that as human beings we need to show compassion for one another as we experience the trials and tribulations of life. The simplest act of compassion is having empathy for one another, we may never know what a person feels but we can put ourselves in their shoes and bear some of the worries they are experiencing as an act of being a good friend. Be a good listener and offer support when needed or a shoulder to cry on. Perhaps it could be the opposite, in good times we can share in one’s fortune, be elated when one gets a promotion in their career or celebrates one’s new marriage. In good and bad times we must care for one another so as challenge to you throughout this week think of a simple act such as an offer a sympathetic ear, remember to listen with your heart and be the light in that person’s life. Jesus Christ’s teachings are simple, “Love is Law.” Caring for our fellow mankind, is the simplest gift to offer in this merriest season of hope and love.

Have a Blessed Week,



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