Simple Life: Welcoming a New Season

Majestic Crimson Maple

Majestic Crimson Maple

As my aging becomes real to me, I never thought I would worry about the unknown woes of my forties in which have kept me busy in the past several months. I would rather remember the moments of the celebrating milestones I’ve experienced in life. The following recollections I coined as a season of independence, starting with my sweet sixteen, passing my driver’s test an opportunity to escape the stresses of a young lady. Perhaps it was my ability to produce my first newspaper article, giving me a since of pride. Possibly, the most important rite of passage, the right to vote after turning the age of 18 giving me a feeling of liberty, knowing that I my vote counts electing President Bill Clinton my first choice as I entered adulthood. Life events can be marked by different seasons, as I enter the next season I am starting to wonder if this could be my winter.

The coldness of winter sets in, my new season in which I call the ‘diagnostic roller coaster ride’ which is the result of turning forty. Welcomed by many women with a chilling procedure known as a mammogram along with other tests to ensure that preventative measures are taken in preventing disease. My first mammogram showed some concern which led to other diagnostic testing, ultimately led to a biopsy. Fortunately, the tests revealed no malignancy but did reveal future storm brewing evidence of precursor conditions that increases my chances of developing breast cancer almost double, as a result the my doctor wants frequent screening. At first I was worried but after some research, the storm has settled leaving me at ease, I am confident that if such diagnosis occurred my chances are good with exceptional health care and treatment options.

Ironically, I never thought I would ponder about getting older, I always thought of myself as an advocate for aging gracefully like Diane Keaton and Jamie Lee Curtis. Embracing the charm of silver streaking in my autumn hair, instead of heading to a salon to dye my hair a color that only enhances aging while the laugh line serves as reminder of my good humor. Perhaps the crow’s feet adding mystical beauty enhancing my bright blue eyes revealing my soul. The little imperfections of my forty year old face reveals my life experiences, I view as a reminder of growing older gracefully.

At A Crossroads

So now I can reveal that I am truly at a Crossroads in my life, I have choice to make, embrace my new season of life to navigate uncharted waters. No doubt that storms will be brewing but the choice to be made here, how shall I conquer the unknown? Easy for me, I want to be a role model and embrace the season with purpose to gain more knowledge to pass down to my daughter that she not to fear the season that life offers in her future.

***Update on Blog****

As I start this new season of life, my purpose for this blog has shifted to a simpler mission, one that embodies the motto “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”. The mission to inspire readers to embrace what makes them passionate about their lives. The format will be more concise and easier to follow by allowing the content to be clear in its intent to either inform or entertain. Future posts will have head line to help readers to decipher the post intended purpose. The three categories are as follows: Simple Life, Simple Faith and Simple Prose.

Simple Life:

All things our family’s life influencing our goal of living a simpler life such as our budget, our future home and all things that fall in between. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Simple Faith:

Our family life verse, “Love is Law.” Our family’s focus is to follow Christ and be the light in the darkness in which our goal is to share our journey of being a Christian. The focus is to uplift those readers who thirst for inspiration, to give hope to the readers that there is kindness and love in our world. Exploring topics of good will inspire those in furthering the causes that matters in our country and world. Lastly, more creative side while adding simple quotes from great influences of the past and present of biblical scripture and great humanitarians of all time. The goal to inspire diverse readers while implementing our life verse, “Love is Law”.

Simple Prose:

A mother and daughter team, Allie and Becca exploring their creative talents together or individually. Simple creative works like original drawings and digital photography along with written prose telling the story of the piece. The purpose of these posts are to practice our shared passion for the written word and Becca’s artistic flair it is our hope to create a closer bond with each other. We are looking forward to this new journey together.

Happy Blogging,

Allie & Becca


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