Simple Faith: Legacy of an Elder

“The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave.”
Tavis Smiley


Legacy of an elder is an amazing gift, I made this discovery while attending my husband’s great aunt Helen’s funeral. Inspired by her family’s tribute as a testament of the legacy she left behind. Legacy to me are to be defined by traditions, faith and life lessons left behind from a beloved elder. The inspirational experiences that our loved ones endured and to lead the way for future generations to live life with courage, compassion and commitment.

Legacy to some are what material things are left behind of monetary value but it is the life lessons and the growing wisdom shared by our most beloved elder. What may seem ordinary are the extraordinary, such are the valuable lessons when it comes to the legacy. Keeping the heritage a live by honoring traditions such as preparing family traditional dish. In the case of great aunt Helen it was a Polish recipe, Galumpkis (cabbage rolls). Or could it be the sharing of family memories at reunions and weddings she spoke of these times with great pride and respect of those she loved of the past.

An unwavering faith in God and her belief in the Catholic Church molded her into a compassionate person. Defining characteristic of extraordinary character a strong will to never give up when life present challenges. . The proof of great aunt Helen’s strength shone brightly through her work ethic because a job no matter how mundane it seemed solidified her commitment to her family. To be a role model for her love ones. A great example by conquering many trials and tribulations to prove to the younger generation a choice to never give up.

An elder’s legacy is to be cherished, to serve as a reminder that no matter what life offers you but what remains clear is how we embrace it with grace and to leave a lasting impression for generations to come. My gratitude to those who have come before me, a choice to be made and to embrace the wisdom that comes with life experiences. To honor those before me I will make an attempt to leave a legacy for my decedents, one that honors their heritage to pass on for future the generations to come.


Special Thanks to family members for urging me to get back into the art I love so much. For being so gracious in allowing me to write about family and what matters the most in this thing we call life. My gratitude to my husband, Mitch and daughter Rebecca and beloved family member, Jim. Your support means a lot to me!


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