Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal Jar

Journal Jar

Journal Jar

Describe a typical day in middle school/junior high?

My typical day when I was in middle school could be summed up into one word, intimidating! A typical Catholic girl starting her first day in public school and being subject to a world of the unknown. Imagine an awkward teen, who had no sense of fashion according to her peers being mocked by others as a ‘goody too shoes ‘, you know what a stereo type is of someone who attends a private school. I suppose some of my peers thought that my family were well in doubt in contrast we were not! We just happened to have a grandmother with great conviction of wanting her grand-children to have an education with the faith she believed in.

I remember that it was a typical Florida hot and humid day, starting with the bright infamous sunshine of morning glory. It felt like all eyes were on us, my sister and I. Butterflies arose from my stomach and felt like it took us forever to get there. My sister, Missy and I got off the bus, she went her way and I went the other way. I immediately felt separation anxiety from my little sister who was always close at our previous school, realization that we were in a much bigger school frightened me!

The morning, went on and on, with the not knowing what class came next, the diversity of people overwhelmed me, the conduct that some revealed was shocking. The lack of respect some had towards their teachers and peers. I was ‘shell shocked’! Thinking back on that moment, in Catholic school, the stereotype of the strictness rings true, even today I remember the time when someone vandalized the lavatory by writing profanity on the stalls. Our principal a strict nun from Ireland, cancelled our school dance. Punishing all students of the school. Ironically, my first day of public school I found myself craving for the structure I once loathed!

As the day went on, I met several girls willing to give me the time of day, one girl I remembered from our first Catholic school we attended together. Thank God I had a connection to someone who could understood how I felt. However, my first day of math class did not favor well, Mr. B, somehow called me Armadillo, ironically he could not pronounce my given name, Almarinda. Go figure! The highlight of that first day, the ride home on the bus with my little sister was so welcoming until I realized we had to go back the next day!

As I reflect on that day, so many years ago, I realized how important that day was, it prepared me for the unknown in every aspect of my life. Today, I am able to attend functions that I need to slip out of my comfort zone and make a mark of my own. To me this is a great life skill to have, to embrace the uniqueness of this world. It is this that makes me into a better person that I am today.

Do you have a memory of your first junior high or middle school day you would like to share? I would love to hear them.

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