Exploring Spirituality: Hands that Heal

The Majestic

The Majestic

As always I love to explore spirituality, especially this time of year as we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the past several weeks I have been exploring the Holy Bible, which has shed some light on my perspective. If you recall my previous post, Renewing Faith in God my faith has been challenged in the past but always wins out. I am a seeker of truth and believe the truth is found in Jesus’s teachings of God’s plan for us. My spiritual journey, what has remained constant to me is the ability to help ourselves and others by believing in the power of prayer and healing. This power is universal for all, religions or sects, cultures and races.

My passion for the written word has led me on a quest for knowledge, while shopping at our local discount book store I was able to obtain , “Hands that Heal” written by Echo Bodine. In her book she describes her gift to heal from God through the Holy Spirit as a result we all have this ability if we are true believers. Another post I highlighted Echo Bodine’s, book called “The Gift…”Exploring Spirituality, she describes her spiritual journey as a healer and psychic is an ongoing process as it would be for us. In my most recent reading of “Hands that Heal” the topic of healing, we need to have faith in healing from God and know that healing does not mean just our bodies but our minds and souls. Throughout her journey she always refers back to God being the only healer and it is through her intuition,a gift of the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus Christ she has the ability to channel healing energy. Examples of techniques or rituals she looks to are prayer for clearing herself and her clients so that God allows her the source of healing. Another unique tool she uses are white hankies as a conductor for healing energy. This may seem a little strange but I believe that she means well. Throughout her book she admits her failures and triumphs while healing her clients. Additionally, sharing cases that are close to heart because it offers a unique set of circumstances.

I must concede that as my path towards God and Jesus Christ I am coming to a conclusion that only our creator, God can heal. Therefore, my beliefs of the past are currently being challenged in the present, I am seeking the true faith. As a result, I believe that I will continue to explore and integrate what I believe to be the path for my spiritual journey as a Christian. In “Hands that Heal” I love the idea of praying for healing and I do know that it works, my daughter is living proof of a miracle. Therefore, the premise of Bodine’s book I plan for our spa night seeking through prayer seeking God’s healing while using His earthly gift of essential oils. However, I have a difficult time with the prospect of channeling energy, I believe that the only source is God.

Is this book for everyone? Probably not, but for those of you that can read between the lines while using your unique perspective can gain some useful information that Echo Bodine shares in her book, “Hands that Heal”. It was truly enjoyable to read and found a common interest, such as prayer to be the most amazing aspect of healing.

“And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9 ESV

God Bless.

Bodine, Echo. Hands that Heal. ACS Publications. San Diego, CA 1996


2 thoughts on “Exploring Spirituality: Hands that Heal

  1. Sounds like you believe in God? I’d be really Leery about Taking what Echo Bodine says seriously. I didn’t get to reading Too Close what you said, But I do know that she is into using Tarot cards, Doing Pyschic readings, and channelings—that is Ungodly.I do know that she has a Real way with Words, makes people feel better—If you are Not into Tarot cards, all that other stuff, you’ be better off to Listen to an old Billy Graham Crusade. Just Pray, ask the Holy spirit for Guidance, you’d be much Better off than Relying on Echo for help. I am not a fanatic, believe it or not, but in looking to her for Guidance,. you are only Hurting yourself.

    • Thank you for your honesty and concern. I like reading all things, I pretty much like learning about all things in this diverse world we live in. For the most part I follow my heart, which leads me to God. However, I am an open person to other’s perspective and will not tread on one’s belief’s. I am committed to my God, Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit. (Often Bodine refers to her gift from God and the Holy Spirit in her book.) However, I believe that the power of healing comes from God. Thank you for your reply and have a blessed day.

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