Happy Easter


On this day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection but as important as this day may be how do we honor our God, Jesus Christ all throughout the year? Perhaps we are only human, we get caught up in our lives that we simply forget about the true meaning of life. An Easter promise I want to share with all of you.

My promise to God, I will use my gift of intuition, received by the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised to us in the book of John 14:16-17, the Spirit of Truth. I plan on using this in all aspects of life as I am led down a path of spiritual fulfillment.

So as I remember Jesus Christ on this day, I should remember his teachings and his promise of the Holy Spirit as a gift from God that guides me in life. The path of service, stewardship and compassion for those I love and those who need my love. My promise, I pledge to God, is to honor the gift of the Holy Spirit as Jesus Christ promised and to follow whole heartily, the plan that God has laid out before me.

If you could make a promise to God, to honor Jesus Christ what would it be? Or on a universal level maybe for you it is a human thing to do, what would you do to honor you fellow mankind?

Have a blessed day!


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