My Sweet Angel: Happy 14th Birthday

To My Sweet Angel,
Fourteen years ago my life was changed forever, you proved to be my precious miracle born three months too soon it was at the moment your entrance as a fighter conquering all odds. My sweet Angel, Rebecca Lynn it was through the power of prayers answered by God, within the first crucial hours of your life revealed how special you would be in years to come. Several months after your birth proved to be a roller coaster ride of my life. With each twist and turn and overwhelming experience made me feel more blessed with each obstacle you overcame. I knew instantly you, a sweet girl will be my focus in my life.

Rebecca Lynn

As years past, my sweet angel walking on this Earth, it is my belief that when you struggle you gain the fire within to keep fighting and it is the fire inside you that makes you into the remarkable young lady of today. My sweet angel, your tender heart revealed a mission to touch the life’s all of animals who needed to be saved. To this day, I love to share with others that in your short life you have had a hand in rescuing homeless pets and nursing them back to health. Your so talented and articulate, sharing the same passion for the written word and so artistic. I am so proud of you and your determination to help those in need either our fellow mankind or fury friends who are mistreated you are a true advocate. I admire the most in you, a heart that is pure, I know you will accomplish many great things in years to come.

An  Amazing Young Lady

Rebecca you inspire me to be a better person, it is through your inspiration that I have gained the courage to live dreams I have abandoned because you have shown me the true meaning in life. Your existence gives many hope, faith, and love proving that life is a gift from God and we must cherish each moment, for me I will savor every moment I have with you, my sweet angel for years to come. You are blessing from God and I am honored to be your mother.

With lots of Love,


5 thoughts on “My Sweet Angel: Happy 14th Birthday

  1. How beautiful Mindy!!! I know my life is forever changed knowing Becca and also you!I your daughter is every bit as special as her mother!!! Happy Birthday Becca!!

  2. you never fail to amaze me Mindy you are such a beautiful writer..and a very happy birthday to a beautiful young lady ! have a great one Becca love ya very much.

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