Renewing Faith in God

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

Hebrews 11-1 NIV

Life is full of challenges and it is these challenges that do not discriminate against me or my family in the past several months. However it is these challenges that I have found solace in the Lord and the teachings of Jesus Christ’s. In the past, I may have played the pity game, you know poor me, why me and wonder if God really cares or even exist?

The past several weeks have shown me how the Lord works in mysterious ways leading up to my family’s renewed faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ’s teachings. Oh how I prayed for the day that we all would share in the passion for Christ and God’s plan for us on an individual level as well as family level. Recently, we found a new home, no not a home to inhabit but a home to serve the Lord and our brother’s and sister’s. Not just a church but a place to call home, New Life Church has given my family hope, faith and love. The path has been chosen and now we will follow the light.

I know life as a Christian will not be easy, but its journey will be empowering. Now with a renew faith for God’s plan our family is ready for whatever obstacles and triumphs we encounter thanks to the unconditional love of God.

God Bless, Allie







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