Living the Simple Northern Life

Living the Northern Life has not been SIMPLE in the past few months for my family. We have had many obstacles leading to a major change in our plan to buy a home with little to no mortgage. Our daughter, Rebecca has always been up front and center when any major decision has to be made. However, when we made the decision to let our home go into foreclosure and to move into the basement of our friends home we did not foresee the health hazards for our chronically ill child. Obviously, on ‘cloud nine’ we thought that we would be banking a lot of dough and closer to our goal for the first year of living simple a life. Even though we knew it was going to be a challenge but I never expected to feel so frustrated with the obstacles in our way of owning a home and living in harmony with my family.

Our Sweet Nana

Our Sweet Nana

The challenges are mostly the unforeseen costs of living. Starting with the heating costs with the record breaking temperatures and the challenge of getting the cars started to go to work. Unfortunately, our cat Nana, who we recently had euthanized because of her failing health due to kidney and liver infection. We were left with a vet bill sizable enough that we had to take out of savings which happen to be dwindling because medical and heating expenses. Finally, Becca’s health are a major concern although we have stayed away from the emergency room but needed to make more doctor appointments to her asthma symptoms. In fact a recent visit to Becca’s pulmonologists revealed lower lung function due inflammation in her lungs therefore we were advised to make changes with regards to housing and her environment. The advice was simple and direct, get rid of all pets and consider moving out of the basement apartment for a new and cleaner home.

As simple as it may seem, this is going to be a huge challenge for my family as it would be for most. We had a mission to save money to buy our next home with little to no mortgage but it looks as though the ‘Power’s to be’ has a different purpose for our family. I am learning fast that life is never what we planned it to be and that one must be gracious enough to see what is the most important in our lives. For me it is the comfort and safety of my family.


The Plan:
Revisit the budget and making necessary changes to allow housing to meet our daughter’s needs so she can get healthier and regain her lung function. Next, actively looking to find an approved home for our cat, Mitten’s. It is our hopes to be settled in our new home by the start of summer or early fall so we can be settled in for the next school year. In future I hope to be able to share with you how we implemented a new plan to live a “simpler life” with plans of staying on budget and our of unnecessary debt.

Happy Blogging, Allie.


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