Happy New Year…

railroad crossing

Ringing in the New Year is an opportunity for all of us to evaluate our lives by reflecting on the past and embracing the future. It is through these discoveries that one can improve all aspects of their lives. With this sentiment in mind, I am forgoing the usual New Year’s resolutions. Instead I will follow my heart and wish for a more fulfilling year and embrace mission statement that serves as a reminder to always remember myself and the elements of life that makes me feel accomplished. Loving and perfecting oneself is crucial to being daughter, sister, wife, and mother. All of these roles I currently play in life, which our my true reason for existing.

My Personal Mission Statement:

To challenge myself at all levels in life, to excel in my personal and professional endeavors. It is my hope to accomplish goals I set forth for myself allowing my soul to perfect. To embrace my failures because it serves as a reminder of my human condition. Finally, I will embrace my strengths as a tool to pave the path for happiness and it is this fulfillment that serves as a reminder of my existence.

I invite you my readers to take the time to reflect on your life and perhaps take on the challenge of writing your own mission statement. Ending on a high note, I like to wish you a Happy and Fulfilling New Year!


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