A Time for Inspiration

cropped-simplenorth.jpgLet me not forget the past, but embrace the future with those memories weighing heavily on my mind during this precious of season of hope, faith and love. The warmth of the fireplace, the crackle of the fire sparks the memory of Christmas Past of the most beautiful doll house that my grandfather crafted for me. Father Time you have not forsaken me, like a video recorder I remember the time I shared with my brother and sister savoring our mother’s Christmas breakfast, Biscuits and Gravy. My gratitude is yours, my memory preserved with each year I grow wiser and it is my Christmas Wish, to keep my mind and the memories alive. My memory is the most precious of any gift I could imagine. It is my wish to pass on these memories to my precious ones, the younger generations to embrace the present and the past and to always remember the great inspiration our elders laid out before thee. To follow in their foot steps and not to forget the most important aspect of our lives: to love each other unconditionally. My Christmas wish is that my daughter will always embrace the wisdom that her elders have to offer her. It is the true inspiration of her life: hope, faith and love are the true inspirations of one’s life.