Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal from the Past

Day 4 Journal 1991

” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Day 4
November 30, 1991

Reflecting on the moment as I watched a television show about the mystery of John F. Kennedy, fascinating are the details of what investigators found behind the murderous plot, who really is responsible for the most infamous murder of our country.

What I think is awful is that our own government could have been involved in such a plot. Our own people killing what might have been one of the best presidents of that ever lived?

I ask you, do you see any justice in this? Blaming murder on someone who didn’t do it? (Lee Harvey Oswald, 10th grader’s perspective!)

We need to take a closer look at our government escape its tyranny so that one day we will be able to live in an honest country.

Perspective of a sophomore girl has changed a bit through the years. In the past I was eager to believe that one man could have not been responsible for such a horrible action. Today I am not too sure and I really do not think I really want to know. In fact after the remembrance of President’s Kennedy’s tragic death of 50th Anniversary I believe what is most important is not the horrendous details of a plot but what was President Kennedy’s legacy?

His legacy to me is what remains to be the most importance such as the Space Program, we as a country and for the world succeeded in putting man on the moon. Another great example of his vision for his country was to achieve equality for all men hence the Civil Rights Movement. As a result, President Obama now in office would be one of President’s Kennedy’s greatest moments in his life if he were here today.

So you see, I am now a bit older and wiser and for that I look only to the future. How do you thinks President Kennedy’s legacy impact’s the world today? Do you think it really matters who killed President Kennedy or do you feel it is most important to move on?


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