George Washington the most famous Veteran

Freedom Rings

As I reflect on this frigid autumn day of remembrance of those who served our country with great bravery, I must think of the past. The beginning of this great country and its quest to be free and those who were instrumental in our achieving our freedom from Great Britain. This weekend I discovered through my daughter’s history lesson on the Revolutionary War that George Washington’s leadership of the Continental Army led us to bittersweet victory.

George Washington, through his determination and faith that he gave the inspiration to those he command, drumming up the will to fight when all seemed lost. For instance, winter of 1776-1777 was a low point in which the Continental Army suffered great loss of supplies and life of their comrades. In fact it was at this time that the army lost soldiers by desertion or simply not signing up for more time in the army. However, Washington was able to boost morale of his soldiers through his wisdom and great leadership. In fact he knew of a great Patriot, Thomas Paine who published “Common Sense”, a pamphlet full of great poses that gave inspiration for the cause of freedom. George Washington knew how to win a victory not just with artillery but through great inspiration of the written word and acts of compassion.

On the battlefield the Continental Army won and lost battles but through strategic planning to prevent the British from gaining supplies from their fleet, led to the victory of the Battle of Yorktown ultimately gave America its independence from Great Britain. It is of my opinion, that George Washington’s patriotic values and determination is what makes him the most famous veteran of our history. Think of what our country would have been like if it was not for Washington’s leadership on the battle field and as our first President? Would we have the great freedom of today or would we be at the mercy of Great Britain’s rule?


Happy Veterans Day to all those men and women who serves this country with great bravery and courage. My family and I are truly grateful. I also honor those in my family who sacrifice there lives so that we all can live with freedom to live a life we are entitled to. This is a tribute to my grandfather, father and brother-in-law I am truly proud.


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