Life: Update

Life is full of Surprises!

Life is full of Surprises!

It has been quite the week so far, many twists and turns while trying to figure out our situation with Becca’s health issues. After my original post, the following day I received a call from our daughter’s pulmonologist urging us to get out of the basement as soon as possible. My mother’s intuition and common sense rang true; my husband realized that it is more important that we keep our daughter well.

The next step, after discussing with the person we rent from he agreed to move his bedroom into the basement as an effort to help Becca’s health. Therefore, this weekend is going to be quite busy, I have arranged to have our daughter stay with a friend while I take care of the mold in basement as an effort to prevent more growth. Mold is a tricky, it can get into ventilation system, make it way into carpet and other textile materials for this reason, and I want to make sure we are doing our best to keep it out of the upstairs. In addition to better filters for the furnace, HEPA filters and good cleaning I believe that we can make this living arrangement doable.

On another subject, there is a good chance that we may be moving again in the late spring or early summer. Keeping the details on the down low, I will not say anymore, all I can say I am very excited about this prospect. I hope that in a future post, I can let you in on our next adventure but until then I will keep you wondering.

Happy Weekend!


4 thoughts on “Life: Update

  1. Oh…that’s terrible. I moved from a place earlier this year that had a basement mold problem the landlord refused to address. I work in toxicology litigation and know that stuff is bad and there’s just no co-habitating with mold. But, of course, he did not want to pay the thousands and thousands of dollars for effective remediation. The mold will win and destroy health. I pray the Lord give you wisdom and guidance and much favor.

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