Life is Bittersweet...

Life is Bittersweet…

“Momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump

Life never goes as we plan, for instance this living in a basement has not worked out liked I planned. In fact, it has had its disadvantages, especially when it came to our daughter’s well-being. We originally thought that we would rent the basement of our friend’s home with the hopes of saving money for some land to buy or perhaps buy a home. However, living in a basement with a child who has lung issues, it is no wonder we would see her health decline. Looming in my mind with a recent doctor visit revealed that she needed to go on a higher dosage of preventive, Advair. For some reason, I overlooked that any basement would be damp, even one that is considered to be a split level, taking for granted the home we lived in was eight years newer and had the air to air exchanger and newer ventilation system. Oh how I miss our newer home.

Here is my situation, I am feeling guilty because from the beginning I had a feeling that this living arrangement was not the best for our daughter but instead the idea of cheaper rent, intrigued my husband and me especially when we could bank most of my income. Now I am beginning to think we were wrong, however, we are going to with the doctor’s recommendation, to keep her on the meds until we are out of the basement. It really goes against my mother’s instinct to have my daughter on powerful meds with side affects but until we feel that we are more financially, sound we are trying to stay put.

Therefore, the plan is to remedy the mold issues, bleach, and paint with antifungal paint problem areas. We plan to run our two Hepa filters, diffuse with Thieves and OnGuard essential oils, keep Becca healthy but making sure, she is taking her medication. In addition to homeschooling at her Grandma’s home, so that she is not subject to bad air quality every waking hour.

Following the new plan of action, we will wait and see for about four to six weeks and see if Becca’s health improves. Depending on her health, we will then see if we need to opt for a different living arrangement. The final goal is to be into a new place by the end of summer or early fall of next year.

Ironically, Forrest Gump had in right, Life is like a box of chocolates, and never knowing what is underneath the surface until you sample it. That is how I am looking at our current situation, taking one day at a time, just like trying a piece of chocolate. Bittersweet life can be!


6 thoughts on “Life

  1. I am someone who lost a house to black mold, error in how roof was attached to sidewalks and rain kept the area between walls wet and stayed on floor for years before enough wood rooten, fir years I felt sick and did all the herbs I knew, when floor started being spongy we found rotting floors and walls and lost house and most stuff to mols spores. We moved into RV and had the wettest year ever in state and got black mold there too. Lungs are still damaged. I believe it would be better if your daughter could sleep at her grandma’s house as sleeping is most impt for lung repair. God bless you. We still haven’t recovered financially or physically and have a different RV now in a hotter drier climate and still struggle to breathe.

    • Thanks for sharing your struggles. I am sorry it has been so difficult for you. We are in a jam and I am hoping for a little bit of time to save some more money to be able to move. I am going to stay positive and I know all will be well. God Bless!

  2. There’s pros and cons to basements unfortunately, especially in older homes. Try and keep windows open as much as possible for fresh air exchange. Sending well wishes….

    • Thank you for the well wishes…we just received the call back from our daughter’s pulmonologist and they want her out of the basement. So now we are back to the drawing board. Plan on updating later in the week. Thank you again for your concern.

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