Goal of Poetry: The Perspective of a Special Needs Child

Source: Kidnplay

Dawn has not yet broken; the expectations are high.
Learning how to cope with each transition; feeling of anger and frustration.
All I want to do is play endlessly and not leave my safe haven.

Arriving to the destination on the big yellow bus, I spotted the big building.
A familiar place I have come to known as my second home.
Within my sight, I noticed my teacher, my friend.
Waterfall of emotions, confusing to me are the feelings of love and hate.

My cheeks filled with heat and my heart raced with anticipation.
Fearing of the rules yet I crave for the structure because it helps me to thrive.
Most times than not, I put up a fuss to see if I can get my way.
“No Minnie”, I scoured.

An unwavering commitment, my teacher, my friend never gives up.
Finally, I embrace my tasks and complete them in hopes of praise.
“Good job!” my Minnie says. “I am so proud of you!”
My cheeks fill with heat and my heart races, as I am so eager to make her proud


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