Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal of the Past

Day 3 Journal 1991

November 29, 1991
Day 3

“Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”
John Lennon

‘One day I was just sitting in my room, just thinking about life. I came to this conclusion, I do a lot of thinking but I never do what I am thinking about and now I think I should do more. Like following my dreams, I need to live more. Be more aggressive in getting what I want. Easy to do but hard in getting it done because I sometimes think I will not get what I want. I guess if I have a negative attitude, you will not get anything done. The key is to think positive and get my backside in gear and just maybe I will start living in what I have said today.’


A perception of a naïve sophomore girl in high school perhaps clouded by insecurity and immaturity; however, as in the past and today, my perception that a positive attitude is extremely imperative when achieving your dreams. A true fallacy playing it safe, and by not taking chances on our dreams we are truly letting ourselves down. I see now, with each moment and decision of our lives we crave as human beings to be challenge so that we can become more comfortable in our skin. Finally, to obtain what truly is our calling, just then will we be able to say that we lived.

Have you ever played it safe, to take the easier route because you were afraid of failure? Alternatively, Have you ever let your dreams take a back seat maybe you played it safe out of obligation to others? Thoughts are welcome, happy blogging!


4 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal of the Past

  1. I think I spent my entire young adult life playing it safe. With age comes a certain freedom, I’m finding. My focus has become less on self, and more on others. It is amazing to look back at way the Lord has gently guided me toward using my gifts and talents. And what a wonderful feeling to be doing what I am called to do!

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