TGIF…or is it?

“Thank God It’s Friday”, or TGIF is the infamous phrase that inspired a nationally known bar & grill and inspiration for songs of today. This phrase serves as a kick off for the weekend we all look so forward to during the week. However, I do not see it the same as most of you may do, it is through my discovery that most Friday’s quickly disappears and so does the paycheck.

For instance, last night I wrote out the bills before Mitch’s paycheck cleared the bank…money already spoken for. The ink was barely dried as I stuff the check into its envelope ready for delivery to pay off the utilities at our old house. Only to feel a little depressed as I realized that we will need to budget for next week to pay towards the utilities at our new home. Suddenly, I realized we would not enjoy the fruits of labor, at least not this weekend!

However, I could look forward to the future where in a few short months we could enjoy a real TGIF, because our outgoings will be much less than our incomings. The icing on the cake, we should be able to save and enjoy a little fun too! So just maybe we could go to the infamous ‘TGIF’ on the actual Friday and enjoy its true meaning. Perhaps just maybe be able to take in a movie with our daughter without the guilt of spending money that is already spoken for.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and here is something to kick start it for you!

Source: You Tube


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