Our New Home~

Breathing a sigh of relief, after 6 weeks we have settled into our rental home very nicely. It is true nothing ever goes as plan; I say this because the first morning in our new place, I awoke to a horrible odor indicating septic back up in our utility room leaving our living space unbearable. The inconvenience put a wrench into my plans of having a make shift kitchen in the utility room.

‘Tiny Life’ so far has confirmed our ability to adapt to situations that come our way at any given time such as our sewer situation. My husband had to fix and seal the injector pump; to make it livable for the short time we plan to be here. As far as the utility room, we store our coats and outerwear in addition to the food storage in our pantry, freezer and fridge. A cute kitchenette housed on the living room to function as a snack and convenience foods center and for other meals that do not need much prep. Finally, our major meals we share the upstairs kitchen with our property owner. Problem is solved!

So far ‘knock on wood’ all seems well considering living in a basement less than half the square footage of our last home, we are managing by organizing our personal stuff and keeping the clutter to a minimal. Rule of thumb in our home now is to pick up as you go, take out the trash and be supportive of one another. Remind each other the end goal, owning a home with little to no mortgage and living a simpler life.

Here is a video that Becca put together the moment we left our old home, then revealing before and after of our new place. Enjoy!

Our Adventure in Moving


5 thoughts on “Our New Home~

  1. My friend, I looked at Beccas video on YouTube and it made me so emotional. Why? Because your daughter puts light in your house. She is a beckon of pure light and it radiates in that house. Please tell your husband every time he worries if he is doing right by his actions, every time he worries about money and whether he has made the right decision or not, look at that beautiful angel he created. She is reminder of how good he has it. Your new home is beautiful because she is in it. You could live in a shoe box and it will be beautiful because she is in it. The light in that house is so radiant. Tell your husband his hard work and efforts are about to be rewarding. I felt male energy in that house in that video and he says he ‘I’m the Dad, I’m grandpa’ I don’t know if he meant grandpa to Becca or you, your husband or the owner of the house but he said Love is coming in abundance and the sacrifices and rewards are coming and you will never forget the struggles. Please tell your husband, he is about to get rewarded and he can finally rest his mind. Your family has love, shelter, food and it’s because of him. He cannot do any more than he has done. He is a good man, blessed man and his hard work and effort is about to pay off and then it will be his time to shine. But when he is feeling worried, if he is tired and weary, look at that Angel of yours. She was sent here to be your blessing. She is his Earth Angel and she will always know what to say to him, she will always heal him. She is special that girl and she is destined to be like this for many people. She will be sent out to help the helpless and she will do it in way that no one can. It could be in the medical field. But she is going to add something extra to what she does because of what she is. Your home is wonderful. Not what non Americans think of when they think of a basement. It’s like a wee Hotel lol I love it. It’s home, and home is where your heart is, and your heart is where ever that beautiful girl is smiling. I don’t normally do readings like this over the posts but I felt compelled to tell you what I was seeing because Daisy saw him too. HE was following behind Becca. He had white hair, fair skinned but with a tan and he was wearing like a blue shirt, like a check shirt. Like what outdoors men wear. Huge hands and blue/grey eyes. His hands were rough so he must of worked with his hands. He stands by trees outdoors. Which says to me he either worked outside, died outside or loved the outdoors. He was handy though, he built and made stuff. He has to be connected to your family because it is your family he talks about being so proud of. He adores Becca, she attracts Spirit like a beacon. But they protect her. I feel like he didn’t waste time with his passing. He died quickly, so from the time he was diagnosed to the time of passing was weeks not years or he just dropped where he stood. But I am seeing black around his mouth so he may have been in hospital first or someone tried to give him assistance before death, but black to me means cancer or medical assistance, so someone may have tried to give him mouth to mouth.
    Anyway, please tell your husband what I have said and if you have any questions please ask. If you know who this man is, can you let me know also and I want to know when this thing happens that he speaks of so I can stop wondering. It wouldn’t hurt to take a lottery ticket either lol I really want for you guys to know how much you are loved and I don’t mean that in a hippy kind of ‘love is all around’ type way. You know how much I take this seriously and I’m very protective of Spirit but I just feel psychically so much is about to com your way because of the sacrifices you have all made and just know that the love you have for each other is palpable and obvious to everyone who looks at that video. I am sure I won’t be the only one who gets emotional watching Mittens butt poking out from various places lol
    I’m always here and now I need to look for a Breyer Horse for Becca, assuming she doesn’t have it lol

    • Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you…I am getting over strep and other illness. After much reflection, I believe that the presence you may have felt to be my Grandpa Clyde who was like a father to me because my father died when I was four. Here is a link to a past post with picture of Grandpa Clyde https://simplenorthernlife.wordpress.com/2012/10/01/the-reality-of-medicare-letting-our-seniors-down/ It was a very difficult time the events that led to his passing. Another person could be my husband’s father who passed quickly and untimely death at 53. But I am sure it is my Grandpa, I feel him here with me often. He meant so much to me! And he adored Becca as well, he was her Poppy! Thanks for making me feel more at ease with the situation and I will make sure my husband reads your response. Have a wonderful night, ~Allie.

  2. Hey, I’m new to this blogging thing, only two weeks old actually.
    I hope you are much settled in your new home by now.( And there are no hauntings there either 😛 )
    Best wishes and good luck for your future 🙂

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