Treasures from the Past

As many of you already know, I am very sentimental when it comes to my family’s heirlooms. This past weekend I spent time with my brother, Matt and sister, Missy and their families as we helped our mother get ready for her garage sale. During this special time, I made a discovering about myself, I am my mother’s daughter. After spending a few hours with my mother, Candie we both discovered how in ‘sync we are as we rummaged through some of my deceased father Jim’s military mementos safely preserved in a chest that my grandfather, Clyde made. Our intuitive thinking set in as we both decided we should keep the “Treasure’s of the Past”. Among the most treasured items, a straw doll beautifully woven in festive colors that match the culture of Panama where my father stationed while serving his country. She remembers how proud she felt when she purchased this special gift to give to her grandmother, Jenny. (See Below)

My mother’s gift to her grandmother.

Source: Panama Doll EBay

As we finished sorting, we had time to admire our children together, the pride we felt was overwhelming as we observed the youngsters try on their Poppy’s Fedora hats, and as they played with some of the collectibles that their great-grandparents acquired through the years. The items are symbols of each family member’s personality, for instance the straw doll match my eccentric great-grandmother who loved red so much that she had a dining room with red carpet and mirror walls that reflected her fiery nature. My beloved grandfather’s simplistic style, these hats added a bit of class for the union worker on the barge of the great Mississippi. These treasures are truly priceless, as they are truly unique of the person who owned these treasures, as it is a tribute of their legacy.

Do you have precious mementos from your family’s past that you intend to keep and past down as a symbol of their legacy? If so what are they?

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