Update: New Fall Format

So thank God that we are almost settled after our big move…although the boxes have not been unpacked I feel that it is important to to get into swing of things. I am the type of person that needs ritualistic routines. Which brings me to the topic of a new Fall Format for Simple Northern Life.

If you recall the post titled I year Anniversary, Trials , Tribulations & Triumphs I highlighted my format for the summer I was able to dedicate more time to put into the blog. However, with the fall approaching fast and going back to work at the school as a special ed para educator my time is limited. I am feeling more creative thanks to an itch to dive into my novel that I have been working on from time to time therefore I need more time for my creative process. Below is my new schedule to accommodate my other writing project(s) and I hope this will keep you entertained as well.

An Independent Voice Binder

Launch Date: Monday September 16, 2013

Lifestyle Piece Every Monday

Wondrous Wednesdays Every Other Wednesday

All Essential Thursday’s: All Things Essential Oils Every Other Thursday

(Minimum of two posts per week)

Book Review: Every other Month

Made In America: Every Other Month

( Book Review, Next Month Made in America)

An Independent Voice Every 6- 8 Weeks

I hope it will not disappoint you and I look forward to blogging with my friends and hope to meet new friends as well.

Happy Blogging, Allie.


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