Wondrous Wednesdays: Busy Bees


That is what my family feels like in the past several weeks. Moving is so exhausting, I mean it is not just packing up and moving to a new place. For us it is about de-cluttering, sorting and designating new homes for stuff we no longer need. In fact it is about memories of the past and the people we cherished. For instance, my Grandpa’s homemade go-cart or my daughter’s Big Wheel.

Thanks to wonderful family and friends this move has been tolerable. So we are almost done and are hoping in a few days we can get back to a more ordinary life. Updates will be coming soon with details of our new place as well as an updated format for the fall.

Happy Blogging!


3 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesdays: Busy Bees

  1. We move a lot, most recently two months ago; and you’re right, it IS exhausting. But it feels good when you’re unpacked and de-cluttered in a new place 🙂

  2. Wonderful macro photography! Do a lot of it myself, but there is not much room on my blog of today for such. Thanks for subscribing, by the way. Marketing a new blog, I need all the help I may get, so please continue sharing like you do! Much appreciated!

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