Wondrous Wednesdays: An Inspiring Family

Today I would like to pay a tribute to family that inspires me and my family, American Family Now (americanfamilynow.org). This family is like most Americans finding it difficult since the economic downturn of 2008 sending the family into a downward spiral. Their story is simple they live off grid in a travel camper with a family of six in a 2001 Bunkhouse Dutchman so that they can pay with cash to build their new home. To humor their readers of their blog they go by Mama, Papa, Buddy, Pal, Girlie, and Chickie, they truly are the modern day ‘Little House on the Prairie’. They are so generous in sharing their trials and tribulations about living a simpler life that they inspired so many of us to do the same from gardening to living off grid and everything in between like flu bugs to car repairs this family embraces their troubles with such grace truly reminds me of a song called, “Life is a Dance” by John Michael Montgomery. Please take the time and visit their site and I am so sure you will come away feeling both inspired and humbled as I did over a year ago when I first met Mama who in her own ay inspired me to take up writing and blogging again, thanks to American Family Now!

Happy Blogging, Allie


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