Wondrous Wednesdays :Journal of the Past Part 2

Here is a blast from my past, if you remember in my last post ,Journal of the Past: Part 1, in this article I offered an explanation of my high school literature class assignment.

Credit: 123rf.com

November 29, 1991

“There’s little manhood in killing a doe, and that too out of season.”
James Fenimore Cooper

‘Nature is so beautiful, I sometimes wander outside and gaze at the trees, birds, and other creatures. I think to myself and wonder why we treat nature like dirt! It gets me upset when I see people throw garbage on the ground. They make this world look like trash. And they kill creatures of nature.

I wonder one day if we will be able to look outside and see the roses on the bush or hear the birds singing. I sure hope so! While we kill innocent creatures by hunting and miss treating them and kill for the fun of it. I wonder if one day people will enjoy nature for its simple beauty. ‘

Today, it is amazing how my perception changed as I have gotten older, when I wrote this I was naive teenager who believed the world to be harsh towards nature. Not too sure why at that time I was so against hunting animals but today I eat venison and chicken because it is very lean. However what has stayed with me is to honor Mother Nature and her creatures, only take what you need and always replenish what is taken. She deserves all of our respect, after all she is the one to cause such extreme weather for our actions. So I guess you could say I still put thought into nature but in a more relevant way in my daily life.

What about you, has your perspective changed as you have gotten older? World view or politics of our great nation? Please share your thoughts with us!

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4 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesdays :Journal of the Past Part 2

  1. Reblogged this on Bookgirl and commented:
    Nature is a wonderful thing which we take for granted and assume will always be the way it is. Maybe we should all take the time to reflect and realize that we have is fragile and if we do not take care of it tomorrow it could be gone.

  2. I was raised as a typical city-girl, treehugger, firearms should be outlawed… a marriage brought me to Big Sky Country. married a cop. now hunting, eating wild game and my concealed carries are all as natural to me as breathing. Growing up I guess, maybe just finding your niche in the world. Nice article.

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