Wondrous Wednesdays: The Power of Music

“Goonies R Good Enough” by Cyndi Lauper serves as a reminder of memories that I shared with my brother and sister, Matt and Missy of the sweetest times bonding together as we used to pretend to be on a treasure hunt just like the characters of the ‘Goonies’.

*****Spoiler alert: In one sentence a small coastal is subjected to foreclosure and a group of resident kids decide to go on a treasure hunt for the lost treasure of the infamous pirate One-Eye Willy as their last adventure together. Written by Stephen Spielberg, Screen play by Chris Columbus and Directed by Richard Donner and staring my childhood crush, Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Jeff Cohn and Jonathan Ke Quan.

IMDb: Goonies @ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0089218/

My sister and I pretended to be on many treasure hunts at our great-grandmother Jennie’s house which at the time seemed like a mansion. The closets had secret openings into other bedrooms, perfect we could imagine ourselves going from one secret chamber to another. Always ending at our piano in the living room, playing the keys to get to gain passage to the next chamber in hopes of recovering our hidden treasure. Sometimes our brother would join it often meant a little sibling rivalry, you know he played the overprotective brother just as Josh’s Brolin’s character, Brand did in Goonies and Missy was the female version Mikey and I was the female version of Mouth.(Ironically fitting because I was the labeled ‘motor mouth’ of the family by Matt!) Our adventures of playing Goonies often led us the Gladden Park, during the most tropical times of the day in the Florida heat so quenching our thirsts became a mission as well, on the hunt for a clean water source. We would often find great hideouts, near the bridge by the canal, (Really dangerous with Floridian species on the hunt, Gator!) or by a huge palm tree nestled by tropical greenery like Cyprus Gardens. Ending the day with pure exhaustion, claiming victory while pretending a simple stone we found was our treasure.

So when I am in a car, listening to the branded Mix 97, the distinctive voice of the eccentric, Cyndi Lauper hums out a melody of my childhood past, “What’s good enough, good enough for me, ….yeah yeah,yeah, yeah, yeah…” oh how I miss my brother and sister and I really cherish those memories of the sweetest times.

Copyrights Warner Brothers and Epic Records Cyndi Lauper

Today, so happy to be able to pass my love of this film onto my daughter it is a classic to be held onto just like the hidden treasure of One-Eye-Willy! Do you have a favorite movie that reminds you of times you have spent with loves ones and if so please share.

Happy Blogging.


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