My Husband: A Man of Dignity

“Remember this, – that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life” Marcus Aurelius


When I think of my husband, Mitch I think of many attributes: hardworking, loving, and giving to his family and friends. This past week my hardworking husband put in 70 hours, came home with a smile even though Becca and I knew he was worn out but as I wonder how does he get through such trials and tribulations? Dignity! His motivator in most things in his life is his pride in his marriage, fatherhood and family.

Sometimes it is his dignity that can get in the way of making decisions about finances, he just does not want to give up on what he believes is the best for his family. As many of you know, at first Mitch was not on board of walking away from his home, in fact he kept trying and trying to keep our home by working overtime to pay the expensive house payment. His determination was admired by many especially me, finally he realized that his hard work and the payoff should be applied in other areas of our life instead of being a slave to the bank.

Mitch, Becca, and I at my college graduation.

So you see his dignity is his kryptonite and his salvation, it is his moral compass when it comes to all things humanistic in the world. Recently, he said to me ,“ I really want and need to learn Spanish, if not for myself but for A. a Hispanic coworker at work.” It is his dignity that brings out the best of Mitch, he teaches through his actions and desire to our daughter of how to be a good human being and that is why I love and admire him so much.


8 thoughts on “My Husband: A Man of Dignity

  1. Oh that made me tear up thinking of my husband. He too has worn himself to the bone working 7 days a week, going to work when the boys were asleep and coming home when the boys were asleep paying for a life he thought we wanted. One the verge of a physical breakdown I told him that we don’t care what we live in, as long as we are together. We said we would rather have a Dad that is home for meals and weekends enjoying his life than working for a house we couldn’t afford. Home is where the heart is and our heart is where ever he is. We got rid of the house, we got rid of alot of stuff we didn’t use (the rule was if we hadn’t used it, or worn it in more than a year it goes) and we down sized dramatically. We rented a gorgeous little house and we saved so much money, in 11 months of living in Glasgow we haven’t had one weekend where we werent doing stuff. We go out for meals now and our boys are so happy. But every time my dear husband goes out of the house they start to panic they aren’t going to see him again. I know your husband well, for I am married to one. I get so upset when the media make all men out to be sex offenders and abusers., when husbands like mine are near killing themselves to provide for their families. Thank you for sharing your story sister, you’ve made me prouder of my husband as you are of yours. Bless you all and I hope you all find what it is you’ve been searching for.

  2. Again just beautiful !! we all love mitch he made me laugh with a joke everyday at work when i first met him.and the 3 of you are a wonderful family i am very proud to have you all as friend’s.
    I love you guy’s

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