Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal of the Past: Part 1

During my recent clean out of my home office, I came upon an old writing assignment when I was fifteen years old. The focus of this journal was to get your creative juices flowing while using famous quotes and then journal about your reflections about yourself and the world around you at that moment in time. I thought it would be interesting to share my perspective on life as a teenager and reflect on my thoughts of today.

Day 1 Jounal 1991
Week of November 26, 1991
Day 1

“The most exhausting thing in life…is being insecure.”
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

‘As the day went by, the more insecure I felt. A new job, a new good job! What to do and how to do a good job? New people and fussy customers. What I feared the most was the cash register. Being scared to death of making a mistake, like punching in a wrong code.
Then Kathy asked me to watch the store while she went to lunch. Being alone in a big store can be scary. It can make you scared. But of course I did okay. The day went by quicker and quicker all the customers came in. The Christmas rush and later we would clean and close.
When I got home, my mother asked me if I had a good day. I said, “You know mother, it was the most exhausting part of my day was being insecure.’

On that day when I decided to journal, I just started a new and first job in the mall. It just happens to be during the holiday season, so I remember how nervous I felt. I made it through and gained confidence to go back for the next day.

Ironically, today I still find that being insecure is exhausting. An example would be this blog; a year ago I was very insecure about writing my thoughts to expose to the world. It was exhausting but now I have the confidence and with each post, I am feeling less apprehensive and more eager to share with you my life.

What about you, have you ever felt so exhausted from being insecure? On the other hand, do you have any thoughts on how journaling has helped you in your writing process? Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this creative exercise.

Happy Blogging!


3 thoughts on “Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal of the Past: Part 1

  1. You make me wish I’d kept a journal — how wonderful to have a window back in time to what your life was really like. I have a couple of old diaries but they rarely last through February. What I do have are letters — from my mother and from friends and family. I treasure them.

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