Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal Jar

Describe your dream garden.

Imagine yourself beneath the tropical sun as you hear the waves crashing upon the shore. In the moment, you can hear nature call to you, the musical melodies of the native species. Breathing in the salty air as a warm breeze gently brings you to the light. You look up, survey your surroundings and notice the most beautiful surroundings.


Young child build himself a castle made of nature’s powder, amazing what imagination a child has. He meticulously builds materials of the Earth and a handy solo cup of salty goodness, this castle is fit for a king of the sea.

Then you hear children’s tender and sweet voices echoing in the warm breeze, you turn in their direction and see a fort where children can make believe, and become the explorer like Ponce de Leon. The wonderland encompassed by rich tropical colors of mandarin, lemon, and lime highlighted by the swaying palms. Oh how I wish I were there beneath the tropical sun, my home sweet home, the Sunshine State.


This would be my dream garden; I took for granted how inspiring my playground used to be! Describe your garden or place where you would feel inspired.

Happy Blogging!


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