Breathing New Life into a Pace Arrow

The Story:

Many of you know that my Grandpa Clyde was very instrumental in my life,The Man with Many Titles.My Grandpa Clyde enjoyed life to the fullest and one of his ways to escape to the freshness of the wild was camping. Many memories made with Grandpa Clyde and Grandma Sally who were so brave to have five or six grandchildren camping for a weekend while enduring the pitfalls of sleeping in top bunk of the old truck camper. Fishing with the granddaughters were often a challenge and then putting up with the escapades of the grandsons playing rough with homemade sling shot guns made by Grandpa to irritate Grandma. Through it, all my grandparents always welcomed us in their camper and you could tell with their pleasing smile they enjoyed every minute of it.

As the years passed, we grew up and had our own families my grandparents took RVing to the next level and eventually upgraded from the truck camper to a class A 1985 Pace Arrow. They went out west and visit family and friends in fact my grandfather would go Elk hunting with his sons in Montana to join my great uncles they truly enjoyed the life of RVing.

Grandpa enjoyed a little more of the Pace Arrow after Grandma Sally died but later he suffered a stroke and could no longer drive. My mother and uncles decided to store the RV in our yard. During the four years it sat, water damage took place, the engine does not fire and the list goes on and on; in fact when my grandpa decided to gift us the Pace Arrow I had doubts about accepting because I was not sure if it was worth fixing. Intuition call to me in favor of keeping, this could be the opportunity to pay tribute to my Grandparents living life to the fullest RVing.

The Plan:

My husband and I have many different reasons for wanting to restore the Pace Arrow. First, to be able to escape from our little living space hence living situation is not so favorable 700 square feet and living with a 26 year old. Therefore, I thought maybe it would be nice to get away even if it is ten miles away to the nearest campground. For my husband it is a way to accommodate his family while he drag races his 72’ Duster, you know the one I mentioned in Mopars in the Park. However, we both agree that certain items have to complete before going through with the renovation of the Pace Arrow.

1. Replace radiator
2. Engine tuned and fire up
3. Batteries charged or buy new

If all goes well here then we can start other projects.

4. Replace roof and buy new product to make it more reliable
5. Tear out the back bedroom and bathroom because of water damage
6. Tear out the floor and replace with new insulation, subfloor and final product
7. Customize to our liking but have a tribute wall for Grandpa and Grandma

I know after watching many RV shows like Rock my RV many things can happen during this process but I really think it will be worth it because in the end I will be paying tribute to Grandma and Grandpa. So wish us luck in this adventure to breathe new life into the Pace Arrow.

Happy Blogging!


6 thoughts on “Breathing New Life into a Pace Arrow

  1. What an amazing project! Do share some photos and keep us posted on how you’re getting one…and when you take it on the road! Thanks again for visiting and following my blog, Allie, it’s lovely to meet you. 🙂

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