An Independent Voice Piece: Tiny Living Part 1

By A. Zych

‘Home is where the Heart is’ not just an adage for life’s curve balls but how one family has dealt with their recent foreclosure. Susan’s family of three have decided to embrace this circumstance as an opportunity to downsize their life and gain financial freedom so that they can enjoy life the way it was meant to be.

Susan was kind enough to let me in to her beautifully decorated new home, 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment , a mere 700 square feet located in the heart of an All-American town. She was gracious enough to give an interview of the circumstances of her family’s choice to walk away from a home of 1,900 square feet her family inhabited for close to two decades. Furthermore, it is a reality for many Americans she gave us a glimpse into her new lifestyle and thoughts on her family’s future as well as a redefined lifestyle to achieve the American Dream.

First, Susan believes that making her home a comfortable and inviting is the upmost important when downsizing. Her inspiration, the British born replies, “Victorian style encompass of rich tapestry of burgundy and gold’s.” My first impression is how she can afford this decorating style on a budget, Susan continues, “My favorite places to shop are thrift stores and rummage sales.”

Trash to Tresure
Trash to Treasure: An Ornate mirror with lighted sconce

Susan adds that she likes to mix new with older items passed down from her family, her passion for cats are on exhibit throughout her cozy home. The items she adores the most are the clock on the mantle and the knick- knacks aging of 50 years or more that her mother acquired while she grew up in, Nottingham you know Robin Hood Country!

Nick  Knacks
Treasures from Childhood

The reality of downsizing can be extremely stressful because it is a process; it requires you to change from a lifestyle of consumerism. Another aspect is giving up some of the comforts you had in your old home, she adds, “Giving up her yard and no longer living out in the country has been the hardest for her.” However, on the upside she can have the convenience of walking in town to the stores, friends and parks to enjoy nature in a meaningful way. The lifestyle Sue has undertaken will be choice for others, she adds, “This will be the trend of the day. Downsizing for so many Americans’ especially with the current generation thinking that they are entitled to have what their parents has: big house, new car, lifestyle about extreme debt they will surely go through some sort of financial stress.” The future for the family, “As long as we have each other, all will be fine, Home is Where the Heart is’.

One wonders if it is true that the American Dream of owning home will be defined to just living life to the fullest potential. Perhaps the American Dream is different for everyone. Moreover, be free from debt should be the American Dream. Thoughts are welcome!

Part 2 of Tiny Living I will take you into a ‘Baby Boomers’ low income apartment and how she is coping with the financial situation involving today’s economy and living on fixed income.


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