Gluten Free Summer Part 2: Convenience Foods

Frozen Foods

Summer is a delightful season full of sun and fun; yet it can be demanding when there are lots to do. Sometimes getting good nutrition from recipes made from scratch is hard to do especially when you have karate, doctor appointments and other obligations to meet. Furthermore, switching to a Gluten Free and restricted dairy diet is a struggle under normal circumstances; but try eating on the go? However, when I am in a pinch there are some wholesome alternatives to accommodate Becca’s nutritional needs.

Restaurants are a challenge but what we usually do is ask for an allergen menu or recommendations for her specific intolerance, gluten. For instance at TGIFriday’s they provided a separate menu that had all allergen listings from dairy to gluten and in between. Another great option is Applebee’s, under recommendation of our server she advised us to order the Weight Watchers and make sure our sides were the bake potato and steam veggies not only were we isolating her intolerance it was lower in calories.

Therefore, you may make it home after a day of running around or perhaps your thirteen-year-old daughter chooses to stay home while you take your mother to have a surgical procedure. Yes, this is a sticky situation because on her own to make decisions about what to eat is worrisome for any parent. Thankfully there are some brands that are similar to a Lean Cuisine that are easy and safe for most responsible kids to make on their own via microwave or toaster oven. Delicious the Vans have many breakfast items from flapjacks to waffles and for lunch or supper, Becca and I have enjoyed the Amy’s Gluten Free meals with a Mexican flair.

For the most part, I try to plan our meals so I can cook them homemade but there are times when this is not possible. I am so grateful that there are options on the go that can offer great nutrition and accommodate some who have allergy or intolerances with great convenience.
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