Mission Organization: Blogging

For anyone who knows me I am about keeping order if something is out of place when I have just clean house, it drives me completely bonkers, therefore I have to make sure it has a home. However, recently with our coming move I have not been able to keep the household in order just as I would like it. My salvation for an uncluttered and organize life has been my blogging. In fact, since I have changed my site’s format, you know now that I am writing on deadline and with a purpose, the need to organize this aspect of my life has become very important to me. Guess what? In this very post, I am going to share what my husband calls my symptom of Over Compulsive Disorder (His Diagnoses), binders. Yes the need to put everything into binders with labels and outlines of each segment that is involved in my craft of blogging.

The Binders

Here it is my set of binders, for my blog and creative writing. At the end of the blogging day, I put them nicely into a bag from my favorite writing escape, The Literary Loft.

Index Card

Next, my index card attach to a folder inside that indicate the format for each of my posts dedicated for each piece: Lifestyle, Wondrous Wednesdays, Review, and Made Here. I also have a written schedule that splits up the day into three sections to ensure that I am maximizing my time spent.

An Independent Voice Binder

Finally, I have a separate binder for my more involved pieces Creative Writing and the Independent Voice Piece, you know the one where I put my skills to test and actually research, interview and treat topic as an actual news piece. (By the way, I just recently conducted my first interview I was nervous!)

So there you have it, this is what keeps me going on a daily basis so that I do not go bonkers. I hope some of these ideas of organization help you to keep your focus in all aspects of your life.

Happy Blogging!


7 thoughts on “Mission Organization: Blogging

  1. I have tendencies to be over organized depending on what’s going on in my life. Other times I just wing it. I’m in the wing it mode lately, my writing reflects it. thanks for sharing.

  2. That is super-organised. I love this kind of thing, there’s something so wonderful about lists and binders and plans!

  3. I’m a super organizer too! I organize pretty much everything. I don’t organize my blog yet but I do keep my blog posts in their fitting categories.

  4. Hurrah! I love running into fellow organizers who make me feel a little less silly about making lists, charts, and color codes for everything.

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