American Made: Made Here Towels

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Made Here Towel Set: Set of Two Each Bath, Hand & Wash Cloths

Company Profile:

Made Here Towels are manufacture by 1888 Mills their motto “Weaving a better world”, describes their ethical and business practices. They have manufacturing plants in the United States and abroad and treat employees’ in sync to their motto. The 15,000 employees receive a livable wage and benefits, in addition to their work environment is environmentally safe. In fact, they strive to accomplish their “Triple Bottom Line” method to measure their success: People, Planet, and Prosperity. (S.1.)

The company was founded in the mid 1970’s, known as Eastern Imports, by their Chairman, Mr. Abdul Yaqub. In the early millennia, merging with the hospitality industry via 1888 Mills was a success aimed to please consumers in the commercial and residential market by offering the highest qualities of textiles. (S. 2)

The brand I reviewed appropriately called ‘Made here’ that happens to be manufacture in Griffin, Georgia. The company, employs 200 factory workers and 58 marketing and sales personnel furthermore, they follow their philosophy of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’. (S.3)

Cyprus Green
The quality of the product is wonderful; the towels wash nicely remains as if it were still new. The affordability is in the ballpark of superb linins. I ordered this set from Strictly USA, an online store costing $56.00 plus shipping and handling for a grand total of $73.50. In fact I compared to other brands in local stores and online and the price is very sensible. In contrast, I wish that the company would try to get more stores to sell their products to forgo the cost of shipping and handling would really make this product affordable to all consumers. Finally, I would highly recommend buying the ‘Made Here’ brand as a wonderful set of linins and the fact that it is American Made helps as well.

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10 thoughts on “American Made: Made Here Towels

  1. My wife and I were so happy to find not only a great line of towels/washcloths, but the best part of all is they are made in the GREAT U.S.A. We thank you so much for putting out a great product for those of us that still believe that made in U.S.A. is still #1. Thank You

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