Wondrous Wednesdays: Journal Jar

Journal Jar
At Christmas this year, my thrifty sister- in- law Cristal gave each one of us women in the family a very creative homemade gift. The purpose of the Journal Jar: to explore our memories of the past, express our goals for the future and in the present celebrate the little things in your life that brings great emotion and joy. It is a great idea that I wanted to share with you, so here is my first online entry enjoy!

Question 1:
Everyone needs an escape, so where do you like to go to get away from the stresses of your world?

My many places to escape are as follows: the car, a walk down the gravel roads by our home and most recently the Laundromat! In fact, I get up early with the anticipation of doing several loads of laundry so at the end of the day I can head to the place of solitude. This may seem odd to you, but not a care in the world besides making sure your clothes are place in the right dryer with the settings working correctly.

It is like a mini vacation, there I can read, think and dream without being interrupted. I simply perch myself upon the retro 1950’s orange chairs with either a book or magazine. With an exception of one day, about twenty minutes or so, the owners strike up a conversation. So indulging him, he started the conversation of the weather being great for a change. (Unseasonably cold and wet spring, summer was slow to start) I agree with him and make a comment, “I wish I was back in St. Pete!” I’m shocked to learn he was stationed in Florida not far from where I lived, and that he has the same love for many of the local landmarks like ‘The Million Dollar Pier’ , ‘The Don Cesar’ and ‘Clearwater Beach’. This walk down memory lane lasted until my bell on the dryer went off, I check them and needed more dry time, and I guess I did not find the right dryer. I put quarter or two in went back to the business of pure relaxation. I glanced up and caught the simplistic décor of the establishment eighties motif and the vintage chairs ,walls painted a neutral color with a cute border with clothes hanging out to dry, the industrial size equipment, decent restrooms and change machine and vending.

I thought to myself, I must be crazy to get such simple joy from being here! At that moment, the buzzer went off and retrieving the clothes, folded them neatly and headed home. On the drive, I had had an epiphany; it is the simple things in life, just being at the right place to have a conversation with the man gave me such pleasure in remembering the good times spent while I lived in the ‘Sunshine State’. Reminiscing brought my attention to how I missed everyone my family and friends that has prompted me to start saving for a road trip to go back to the place I used to call home. Life can bring us joy even in the simplistic moments of everyday living.

So ask you what is your favorite escape? Why?


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