The Man with many Titles

Grandpa and I at my college graduation

Grandpa and I at my college graduation

This day so bittersweet, remembering the best man that ever lived. Who was he to me, not just a grandfather? He held many roles for me; first, he was my father figure, taking the place of my deceased father when I was just four years old. He was there for my firsts, held my hand while I had surgeries, guiding me through this roller coaster of life. He was my spiritual guide and steward of our great Earth; giving me the confidence to believe in what I feel is true in our creation. He was my friend, never afraid to talk to him in a time of need. He was my fan, always pushing me to follow my dreams and never look back. So you see, all these titles mesh perfectly to form one role, he held close in his heart, Grandpa Clyde.

Our song we sang together when Iwas little.

Love and miss you, I will be waiting for the day when I can fly away with you.


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