Staying on Track: A Day of Spontaneity and a little grocery shopping, too!

Cute homeade doll house

Cute homemade doll house

The day started out with such clarity and boy, I was excited. I had plan out the trip the night before without any success of coupons but surfed the internet for local farms and a few retail stores so I could stock my house with healthful goodness. My partners in crime showed up, my mother-in-law Evone, her sister Auntie Karen and of course, Becca we all assembled into the ’transportation icon’ called the mini-van armed with a well plan itinerary first stop a delightful family farm.

After twenty minutes of driving, low and behold, we found it but guess what? Duh, should have known its way too early to go to local farms with our unseasonable cool and wet spring as well as a late summer just few weeks ago we could barely get above 60 degrees. However, that is Minnesota for ya!

No worries here all is not lost, we made it a day of fun! First, heading back to town we stopped at a few shabby chic garage sales. Guess again, I went out of my comfort zone and bought a few things for our new home: Brita Pitcher (we do need to drink lots of water), Netted Clothes Hamper, (got do laundry) and Mason Jars (cheap homemade products to spruce our home).

Next, 45 minute karate class and then a surprising menu choice of a Gluten free lunch at local restaurant! After we were done, we decided to honor the dead; we ended up at the grave sight of my late father-in-law, Denny. Freshen up his urn while my photographer aka daughter took pictures.

Denny's Gravesight

Off to the supermarkets, Target, Cub Foods, and Aldis. My husband wanted an item at Target that happen to be the best point of our quest for reasonable prices on organic and gluten free foods. Therefore, the budget was to stay around $75- $100 total for the week. We hit jackpot and found some items clearance snacks and cookies for when Becca has a sweet tooth for under $2.00 each. Then, Perdue chicken on sale, for $7.58 you think I am done, oh no. Saving the best for last, the dairy ended up to be the bigger winner the milk I have been buying has a COUPON for .55 cents off and the butter was almost $2.00 cheaper than anyone else I surveyed. Lastly, Amy’s Gluten Free Becca just loves dinners 2 for $6.00. Dr. C (Our Natural Healer) was right Target is the best for organic and gluten free items as a reasonable cost.

Our Brand Collage

On to Cub, the produce is worth mentioning here, they have a great variety and very reasonable for their organic selection. The strawberries and blueberries were on sale as well as their Spinach and Romaine. Bought a few items in the natural food selection like cheese and bread Udi’s brands save some money there! Aldis stop was brief, broth, beans and potatoes are what I acquired. The grand total this week was $115.05 but my average since we switch to organic produce and dairy as well as gluten free has been $84.67 our old budget was $50 to $75. Not bad, I thought to myself.

So next time, I will learn to call ahead when trying different avenues of shopping like the local farmers and their markets. I will keep the method of researching online at the different grocers ads for the week. Nevertheless, I will always start out with now my favorite store, Target!

Happy Blogging!


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