Gluten Free Summer Part 1: How to plan for an outing.

Grandma Evone, Jamie and Becca

So as many you already know, we have a daughter, Rebecca who was a micro-preemie only weighing 1 lb. & 9oz’s. Although she is thirteen years old she still exhibits some health concerns: chronic lung disease aka Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, allergies and asthma. It could have been much worse: Cerebral Palsy, Gastrointestinal issues, sight issues and the list goes on…so I am very thankful for how healthy she really is!

But recently at an appointment our naturalistic chiropractor, Dr. C noticed upon examination Becca seemed to be exhibiting symptoms of possible gluten intolerance in her body: headaches, neurological symptoms such as peripheral neuropathy and weakness on her right side and of course the usual stomach ache she gets every time she eats. Dr. C went about her business, adjusted Becca and sent us home on a mission to modify her diet as well as our own, “You all should just go on a gluten free diet!” she adds. Furthermore, Dr. C wants us to limit Becca’s dairy and she recommends all- organic because in Becca’s case she does not need any more mucus with her breathing issues.

It’s been a week since we heard the news, shocking to know that almost everywhere you go you cannot escape gluten: fast food, an event like graduations, birthdays and/or showers as well as every aisle in the super market.

This weekend is no exception as always the summer is filled with these kinds of outings and what I’ve learned so far: bring your own food!

Packing on the go..Bananas, ants on a log, Glutino crackers w/cheese and water!

Packing on the go..Bananas, ants on a log, Glutino crackers w/cheese and water!

I’m guessing at these summer time gatherings there may be an appropriate source of protein like beef, chicken and/or pork providing it’s prepared without sauce. And hopefully there will be fresh fruit and veggies but just in case we will bring the pretty blue floral bag for emergencies.

I am happy to report, Becca says she feels much better and I’ve observed the absence of a headache and tummy ache. Solidifying are decision; therefore we will not have to wait the recommendation time period of 60 days or longer period, in an article by PF Lewis often mentions it takes time to rule out these types if allergies or intolerances in your body, in addition to consequences of addictiveness to the gluten. (Natural News)

In a future update, I’ll be reviewing the plan on how to go gluten free and limited dairy with the elements of fresh and organic foods without breaking the bank. As a family, our mission in life has not changed; we want to live a simple life free from financial debt and hopefully one day owning land and home without mortgage.

Happy Blogging!


(1.) PF Louis. “Six signs you might have gluten sensitivity and not know.” Natural News. November 28, 2012.


6 thoughts on “Gluten Free Summer Part 1: How to plan for an outing.

  1. Hi,

    I’ve just found your blog and am starting to read through. I am really interested to read your comments here about your daughter being a micro- premature and her current health issues. I am much older- 31 now, but I was 1lb 10oz and was born 10 weeks early. Over the years I seem to have had a lot of health issues and went gluten free about 10 years ago. I’ve yet to remove dairy as well, but my reading suggests it may be beneficial. It’s so hard to find info on these subjects, so I am very grateful to have found your blog. So thank you! From a reader in the UK 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your quick response. Your right it is difficult to find information about preemies and the possible health ailments concerning a variety of issues in our case her lungs. Also the mucus and inflammation she suffers from can spiral out of control with more occurrences of asthma episodes.

      We should keep in touch and I will let you know how it goes at her next appointment. It is amazing that you were so small and did well.

      Have a great night, Allie.

  2. It always amazes me how we can find good health in our foods versus medication. I am glad that you found a combo that works for your daughter in making her feel better. well done. Nice to know that your chiropractor is knowlegeable and was able to help.

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