Simple Northern Life’s 1 year Anniversary: Trials, Tribulations, & Triumphs

It’s been a great adventure this past year and I’ve enjoyed sharing with you my family’s quest for a simpler life as well as my take on current events like the election, healthcare and so on! Blogging for me began as an outlet for some of the trials, tribulations and triumphs I was experiencing in my life at that moment in time; therefore, it has been very therapeutic for me. During this past year I’ve gain a sense of accomplishment every time I received a comment, a like and/or multiple views in the day of a post, I thought to myself readers do relate to me! Recently, some of you acknowledge me for more than just a blogger but a writer.

So I am taking this blog to the next level, I am going to write on deadline with purpose just as I did when I was on my high school newspaper, The Gibsonian as a staff writer. My first love, writing has given me great sense pride and I felt exhilarated when I put together my new format in which I will preview here:

• Life Style Piece: Posted Every Monday and Friday

The Lifestyle piece will involved my everyday life as I mentioned above my family’s journey to live a simpler life. With many titles like, Mission Organization, Staying on Track, Finances and Spirituality and everything in between.

• Wondrous Wednesdays: To explore everyday living in a positive light that motivates us in our daily lives.

• Review Piece: Posted on the 15th of the Month

This piece is about a social media like other’s blogs, websites and/ or other print media. With relevance to everyday living, finances, downsizing, just making it in our world! My hopes are to foster other’s so that they can get the acknowledgement that they deserve.

• America Made Piece: Posted on the 3rd Friday of the Month

This piece is new and I’m very excited about this because it is about being a good consumer and knowing what you’re buying and how it really affects our country’s economy. The goal is to focus on a company that manufactures here in the United States with great ethical standards as well. However, I am believer in good trade relations with other nations but I feel that whenever possible it is important to buy American for our economy and welfare of our fellow citizens.

• An Independent Voice Piece: Posted every 6 – 8 weeks

This piece is not new but will have a new deadline and all the attributes of a news paper article. Focusing on real statistics, facts and reported details from actual interviewees in relation to the topic. I’m very excited to get my feet wet, and look forward to real meaningful news stories that touch us all!

So a special thank you to my current followers and ‘new comers’ and as we start a new adventure, Simple Northern Life’s new format I hope it will be a great source of information but will be entertaining as well.

Happy Blogging!
A. Zych


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