Staying on Track: Memorial Day Garage Sale Update

Well, our opening weekend of our garage sale went off without a hitch! It was very successful and even though we only got rid of a 1/3 of our stuff it was a profitable adventure. Yet we have so many graduations and birthday parties we have decided to focus on the few days we do have open so we can ensure that our trash becomes another’s treasure!

Throughout the weekend I learned a few things that I will implement next weekend:
1. Do not have your sentimental mother and mother-in-law price the merchandise! (Overpriced big time, in fact I had to go remedy the error which took me a few hours to do!)
2. Be prepared for hustlers who try to group items together in a tote and offer you money for a lump sum!)
3. Make sure you have visually stimulating signs!
4. You’ll need a enough one’s and five’s to make change it was a little scary there!
5. Remain calm and relax you’d much better with the crowd and can mean a better profit. (By Monday I was much more relaxed therefore we had the best profit in the entire weekend!)

Here is the updated video that my daughter made, sorry if it is a little jumpy!

This coming week will be a busy one getting ready for the Mopar’s In The Park Post This means I will be managing the garage sale while Mitch will be at the car show.
Next week will be the 1 year anniversary of Simple Northern Life blog and to celebrate this event I will be posting a special message so until then, Happy Blogging!


One thought on “Staying on Track: Memorial Day Garage Sale Update

  1. Love garage sales – going and doing. I’m not a constant goer, but it’s fun when I do. It’s great that you support such a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle. Recycling clothing (like loving vintage) goes right in there and is tons of fun. Thanks for visiting and LIKING mine!

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