Staying On Track: Preparing for a New Kitchen

Source: Thoughts in Vinyl
This past week we’ve been getting ready for our garage sale, Memorial Day weekend by sorting out the kitchen wear that we will no longer need. You see as of now we have your basic kitchen with all of your modern conveniences like: standard range/oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Furthermore, the abundance of storage like a wall pantry and cupboards to store dishes, pots & pans, and food.

However, in the new home, we will be renting from our friend is a split-level basement in which we will be inhabiting. As luck would have it there is no kitchen. So you may be wondering how are we going to store and prepare food: good question!

My optimistic husband envision our new kitchen in the utility room that houses the washer/dryer, utility sink ,water heater and other household appliances and storage as our future ‘make-shift kitchen’. At first it was hard to imagine but recently we were able to have another look and feel much more comfortable with the utility room being the heart of the home, sort of!

To get ready for the new kitchen, Mitch took it upon himself to purchased a hot plate and convection toaster oven, and has plans to purchasing a small refrigerator and shelving to solve our storage needs. In addition we will be repurposing two pieces of furniture for our work surfaces, and adding our appliances like our NuWave, Pizzazz Pizza Oven, and slow cooker.

Feeling much more optimistic about our kitchen situation even though I have to get used to doing dishes by hand I feel it is a good sacrifice for the longer term goal of a mortgage free house in the future. We will keep you posted and will do a before and after video of what my husband fondly calls the ‘make shift kitchen’.

Happy Blogging!


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