Staying On Track: Swap Meets


As you all know my family is in the process of downsizing and as the clock ticks we have a few short months to take advantage of every venue has to offer to maximize our potential profit. We have short and long term goals that will help our family to live a simpler life,  free  without the financial burden of debt. 

One of the options we’ve chosen is unique to our collection of model cars. My husband, Mitch is a Mopar enthusiast and has a very extensive collection of Mopar Muscle Cars. His collection of brands like Hot Wheels to Match Box,  scale of 1:64 and other brands by Maisto and American Muscles scale of 1:64 and 1/18. In addition Mitch owns many models that are anniversary or limited editions, for instance Richard Petty’s infamous 70’ Plymouth Superbird. ( He is not selling that one!)   

A few weeks ago, we went through his collection and he sorted out by brand and year, less the ones he intends to keep for a smaller collection in our future home. We did some research online of the venues to auction off and decided against Ebay and other companies. We now are opting for car shows and/or swap meets instead. Our choice a logical one, because Mitch goes to several shows in the summer usually looking for parts to finish up his 1972 Plymouth Duster, in hopes to drag race in the future.

Mid May Mitch will be participating in a car show and swap meet sponsor by Rat Rod Magazine in addition to a more specific venue the annual Mopars in the Park. In which he had great luck in selling his model cars last year. So wish us luck with this adventure, as I am sure it will be a great one!


Sources of interest:

Rat Rod Magazine Website


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