Exploring Spirituality

Exploring one’s spirituality can be a journey full of surprises that one may never expect it to be. Growing up a in a Catholic family and going to parochial school kept my quest for spirituality on a reserve. Exploring other religions or sects did not happen until my early twenties to the present. Now I would have to say I was and still am a church hopper, in fact I’ve been to many churches such as Free Churches to Jehovah Witnesses Halls never finding what I’ve been searching for!

For some reason since I was a young girl I’ve always craved for more guidance. A guidance with love, not one of judgment like that of organize religion. My grandfather, he always said to me, ”You don’t need a church to honor God, you can worship anywhere!” My grandfather loved the outdoors and often spend most of his serene hours taking in the sights and sounds of birds chirping while gazing at the beautiful lakes of Minnesota. One could assume that my grandpa Clyde never took for granted the beauty of God’s creation.

As I often do, I gain some of my knowledge from what some Christians referred to as evil, psychic abilities and those who have these gifts such as mediums like James Van Praagh, Sylivia Browne and most recently I read ‘The Gift: Understand and Develop Your Psychic Abilities’ authored by Echo Bodine.

An enjoyable reading experience because of the meaningful information spoke to me in many ways. First, Bodine addresses the misconception of having psychic abilities being evil. On the contrary having this Gift is a gift from the Holy Spirit and that we should embrace to help guide us in our life like that of the bible. She takes it to the next level by dedicating a whole chapter on the biblical texts that gives many examples of visions and miracles of the Holy Spirit.

Another aspect of her book gave me a feeling of her acceptance of others even though she herself is a practicing Christian who has been criticized about her gifts. Perhaps this is why she often uses universal language to engage readers who may be naturalistic or atheists individuals.

In addition the guidance she offers in her book is very valuable information for all readers to benefit their daily life’s. How to not let your Ego get in the way of recieving valuable information from the other side. Another important piece is how to use your intuition (gut) to help make choices in their life’s. Another exercise she mentions is called clearing one’s self of negative energy. This works in both personal and professional situations.

All in all, Echo cleverly puts together a book using both biblical and real life stories as well as reference to other psychics beginning stories of their own development. Ultimately leaving the reader with their will to explore their spirituality and most importantly opening up so that they can explore their own psychic abilities. After all we have this ability because it is a Gift from the “Holy Spirit.”

Happy Reading!

Echo Bodine Website : http://www.echobodine.com/


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