The Literary Loft: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Loft

As many of you know, Rebecca is homeschooled in which give us many unique opportunities to expand her learning prospects, such as The Literary Loft, the mission of this center is to give opportunities to young and adults to perfect their passion either writing, illustrating or both by offering classes and mentorship by accomplished writers and artists. Taking advantage of this important to the nurturing of my daughter’s talent is very important to me as a supportive parent. In fact for some selfish reasons I feel it is important to me as well, I say this because being a writer is a shared passion between the both of us.

The first class for Becca was very successful, “ Write up! Bring Your Stories to the Next Level” taught by author Kate St .Vincent Vogl. When asked about Becca’s experience she had this to say, “ I liked the prompts exercise were the Kate gave us an idea on what to write about. My favorite exercise was writing a story in a castle. First we brainstormed ideas about what you would find in a castle than she had us write as story that takes place in the castle. I liked to learn about other writing elements and meeting new people.”

Also, promoting Rebecca’s social life by meeting other’s who also shared her creativity talents and prompted a new friendship as well. Therefore she looks forward to her next week-long workshop, “Building a Story from Scratch” or “ The Craft of Imaginative Story Telling.” Not just for the opportunity to perfect her craft but hopefully an opportunity to see her new friends and mentor.

The Loft Literary Center


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