The American Dream Defined

Today as I celebrated Palm Sunday with my husband’s family I soon realized how different our lives are going to be in a few short months. The whispers amongst family members about our financial situation were very evident. It felt as though my husband I were under a microscope since we made public of our recent foreclosure.
I kept myself reserved and for the most part I let my husband answer the obvious questions. Where are you going to live? ( Basement of our nephew’s friends house) How long do you have before the bank kicks you out?( Five Months) How did this happen? ( Stupidity)

While I assumed most of the family were concern while some were judgmental. Or maybe it was my paranoia. But soon after I found out one member inquired on our status TWICE! So as I pondered on what is considered to be normal as I was listening relatives talking about their lifes upcoming events: graduations and shower & wedding. Furthermore the young engaged couple in their early twenties who just closed on their first home I instantly thought to myself, “ I hope they know what they’re doing?” (But whom am I to give advice since I am almost forty years old and just lost a home.) So I’ll keep my thoughts to myself!

Maybe it was my perspective on what is considered normal when it comes to achieving the American Dream? And by the way what is the American Dream? I always understood that the American Dream was making it your way on all levels financially by way of having a good job and owning a home. So has my family’s American Dream been crushed? After much thought, no we are just on a different path then most people.

Our path has change and has lead us to make sacrifices as a family in the NOW to help us achieve the freedom to live a life free of financial burdens like a mortgage and car payments. So we will hold our heads high as we plan on living an untraditional life by making a conscience decision to downsize so we can save for our future.


2 thoughts on “The American Dream Defined

  1. I know how hard it is to be okay with changing paths – especially after living your life believing something very different. A change of worldview can be refreshing, but also something you struggle with for a while. It is okay to struggle! Just so long as you feel good about it afterwards 🙂 You’re doing great!

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