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Few weeks ago I gave an opinion on the matter of gun control concerning the issues of assault weapon and ammunition bans and the concern of such bans may not work when our culture embraces aggressive behavior by way of video games, television and movies. But I also went on to say that parents and/or guardians should assume a role by which they were to get involved in their children’s lives. In addition one could say we should act as role models by behaving in a more humanitarian way, without getting to religious but maybe practicing the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would them do unto you.’ This may seem very basic but today in our culture we have evaded this rule in favor of treating each other so poorly.

Last Friday, I attended a mandatory workshop presenter Willow Sweeny gave a stellar presentation on the essentials to what I referred to as the “Golden Rule”?The premises very simple using basic techniques concerning a variety circumstances yet adding several elements of Sweeny’s presentation caused me to pause to take a closer look at myself and how I handle situations in my work environment as well as my personal life.

For instance, involves my thinking where I am above or below the line will surely make an impact on a situation either negative or positive. For instance how I handle a student in difficult situation and my effectiveness in the resolution will depend on my level of thinking.  I can think of many situations when I could have handled it much better but my judgment was clouded by my state of mind. The results of my lapse of judgment not only affect me; but others, my students in a negative way. That was truly a light bulb moment whereas I will for now on be more conscious of my thinking and where I am on the thinking line above best of 20 percent or below the 80 percent. (Concept of Top 20 Training)

Another circumstance held my attention during and after the presentation was how I treated others both professionally and personally. Epiphany came to me while Sweeny spoke about a concept, ‘to honor the absent’, referring how difficult this could be considering how much our country has changed, that it is consider normal to speak ill of someone in their absence. For instance, the late night talk shows to political figures of today are constantly dragging one’s name in the mud.  The fact that I was guilty, I too have spoken negatively of someone upon their absence.

This fallacy affects the environment around us either negatively or positively; talking ill of someone not only affects the victimized, but the entire workplace or institution. Consequently, leading to one’s poor reputation and ability to being trusted, and without trust an outcome would be a hostile work or personal environment. In my profession where we, educators should be a role model of exceptional behavior that embodies all that is the Golden Rule. So I realized I was being a hypocrite lecturing our students not to be bullies where in fact I was acting like a one myself but in a more secretive way.

So I took a look at myself, I am sure that we all have been in these kinds of situations where we could have been a better person, but were not aware of our behavior. The most important thing I took away with me was to make a pact with myself, not to engage in such behavior subconsciously or consciously. To know where I was on the thinking line was the first inventory to take and putting me in someone’s shoes. Everyone has value to bring to the table I am not better than my colleagues as they are not better than me we just have different perspectives. (Concept of Top 20 Training)  The same can be true in personal relationships, so if my husband has a different take on a situation I should take it in consideration where as he too should take my opinion into consideration because we both bring something unique to the table.

Stakes are much higher now than ever before, we need to teach our youth how to be a good citizen so that when they are in charge of our world in years to come that we have a culture of good will for others. I am not naïve I know that the simple rule will not cure all ills of the world, we will still be plague with acts of cruelty, but I believe it takes one person at a time, for instance one act of kindness implore many acts of the humanitarian spirit.

In conclusion, we as educators, caretakers and community members must partake in such behavior teaching our youth through our example; the next generation will be able to reach their greatest potential an American Culture that embodies the ‘Golden Rule’.


Top 20 Training: Willow Sweeny’s company’s website

Random Acts of Kindness


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