Gun Control Debate

This was my response to American Family Now’s latest post

As always very informative post, and I have a tendency to agree with the right to bear arms just as long as those who bear are responsible and they too teach their children about gun safety and how to use a fire arm. Recently, I conveyed how upsetting the Newtown tragedy was to me and how I related to this event. In fact I was too close to this subject that I really did not feel comfortable debate the topic because my heart was too heavy with grief.

As of now I am ready to weigh in on the issue of guns with relation to our culture of violence. The media firestorm as of lately has been consumed with wanting more regulations or censorship of games, television and/or movies. This too is a violation of our rights, Freedom of Speech. This was the point in why I changed my mind about having bans on any firearms or ammunition.  In fact as you and others believe it is our liberty that is jeopardy.

There has been much debate about how to protect our children such as armed guards in schools to better security measures such as bullet proof glass to a call system door which are being considered in my district where I work. Unfortunatley, we must face the facts, no one can keep our children safe from perpetrators who want to do harm no matter the weapon. Unless we are better,prepared for the inevitable; it is the world in which we live in.

When you talk about media, government, citizens, Hollywood; and others only a few have mention that the bigger issues is the lack parental guidance as well as our mental health system. For this reason, I believe that several measures should happen we need to demand that there is more adequate help for those individuals who need mental health care. Lastly, we need to urge parents/guardians of all backgrounds to play a role in their children’s life. Know what your child is doing from video games to television to the people they hang out with. Be a proactive  parent!


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