Staying on Track: Moving Date Set

Hard to believe that it is official we just got served yesterday from a sheriff for our up and coming foreclosure sale with actual dates to be out of our home of 12 years. This is a bittersweet moment for me; it simply means that my family and I are about to commence on a journey with one goal in mind, financial freedom. Yet I feel a little somber realizing that the home that my daughter grew up in will no longer be ours. Although we will have many happy memories of our beautiful daughter’s milestones she achieved while growing up in this home: walking to talking, her first day of school and the many celebrations for her achievements like when she got her black belt in karate.

With lots to do before we move the first is to get organize so that we can have our moving sale on Mother’s Day weekend. Some of you may be wondering why we chose a holiday weekend. This weekend is not only a celebration of mothers but it just happens to be opening fishing weekend. For this reason, it is our hope that this weekend will drive enthusiasts of both female and male persuasion. We live along the corridor leading to an infamous lake in which is highlighted by an annual event well-known of many garage sales’ to honor mothers and to engage patrons to be great sportsmen as well. This is perfect because it is a well-known annual time of year with those sportsmen heading up our way they often stop at these sales and with some ladies who have the time on their hands; doing what they know best searching for great deals and it is my hope that my trash becomes their treasure.

The organizing process will begin with collectible items on E bay. Items not sold will go on the moving sale venue.

• Clothes, shoes and other accessories;
• House wares, wall hangings and other accessories;
• Craft and scrap booking;
• Men’s Stuff: garage related such as tools to tires to barbeque and so forth;
• Media: books, video and music;
• Collector Items model cars to train memorabilia other miscellaneous items;
• Also invited several other families to participate so many other ages groups will be involved making this a diverse sale.

This will be a one day event in which we will be up early and done by 6 in the evening. The plan is to sell as much as we can and then donate the items to charity: Goodwill and Vietnam Veterans. Finally, we will have larger auction for my husband’s automobile stuff and bigger equipment like his lawn tractors. Finally, the proceeds of this sale and other’s will go into our bank for our future homestead as well as other moving expenses.
I will make sure that I update you along the way on our progress. Thanks for reading!


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