Staying on Track…No more car payments

1997 Ford Explorer

Most of you know by now that my family and I are on a journey to become more simpler in our living. We are downsizing and one of our major goals have been achieved. With recent chapter 7 discharged as a consequence we surrendered our bank collateral 2007 Kia Rio in favor of buying out right a 1997 Ford Explorer. This simple act has given us a feeling of freedom…no more car payments giving us the ability to save as more money as possible for our future homestead.

Yes, it is true that we will have to be better planners while making sure we have a significant emergency fund for the rainy day scenarios like needing new tires to regular tune ups but we feel this is worth it to achieve the larger goal of financial freedom.

So now reflecting on past Christmas seasons where we scrambled to get gifts any which way a consumer can such as credit cards to waiting until the last-minute we were able to plan and buy ahead.  With our goals highlighted and the tools needed we are more ahead than we’ve ever been in the past. But most importantly, the best gift ever was the fact that we were able to buy a car and still have enough left over in our emergency account which gives a feeling of achievement.

Have a Happy Holiday Season.


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